1 Giant Mind
FLOW Meditation


Hi, I’m James Brown, the founder of Vedic Path Meditation. And I'm excited to be joining forces with my good friends at 1 Giant Mind to make this easy, practical and powerful approach to meditation more accessible. The 1 Giant Mind/FLOW technique is similar to Vedic Meditation, so if you’ve already attended one of my free intro workshops, or watched my intro video, you can sign up for this course. If you want to learn more about the differences between the 1 Giant Mind/FLOW technique and Vedic Meditation you can read the FAQ at the bottom of this page.



How do I learn?

Discover if this approach to meditation clicks with you.

The video is just a taste. If you want to learn more you can attend an intro workshop, or watch our full 26-minute intro video. If you've already attended a workshop, or you've being referred by someone who's learned with me you can proceed to Step 2.

Attend the 3-session course.

You take a 90-minute session of step-by-step personalized instruction, once a day for 3 consecutive days. You also do a homework meditation so you can see how the practice works in your life. At the end of the course you'll graduate knowing how to meditate successfully and effectively on your own.

Enjoy our program of free follow-up support.

  • Retake the class as often as you want for free for one year; nominal fee after that.

  • Attend free group meditations and dharma talks.

  • Follow up lessons delivered weekly via email.

  • Ongoing email support to answer questions about your practice.



+ How are Vedic and 1 Giant Mind/FLOW Meditation similar?

Both are eyes-closed practices that use a silent mantra you think effortlessly in the mind. You sit comfortably and allow the mind to settle, without straining or focusing or trying to control your thinking. Both practices trigger the Relaxation Response, which is the body’s antidote to the damaging effects of stress. Both practices are taught in-person, in a step-by-step format that allows instruction to be tailored to the experience you are having. When you complete either course you will be a self-sufficient meditator, with the knowledge and skills to practice successfully on your own, and with a free follow-up program to support you along the way.

+ How are the two practices different?

Vedic Meditation is an ancient practice taught privately or in small, intimate groups over four sessions of about 90-minutes, taken once a day for four consecutive days. For the first session you are asked to bring a piece of fruit and a small bunch of flowers your teacher will use in a beautiful, non-religious ceremony that you are simply asked to witness. After the ceremony your teacher will privately assign you a personalized mantra that is resonant with your consciousness. This mantra will allow for a deeper, more effortless experience, and there are many stages of advancement possible, in knowledge and experience once you have learned the technique. To teach Vedic Meditation a teacher must undergo a rigorous training program that takes, on average, about 2 years to complete.

1 Giant Mind/FLOW meditation is based on the ancient Vedic practice, but taught in a way that is more broadly accessible. The course is taught over three 90-minutes sessions taken once a day for three consecutive days, and the class size is usually larger. Your teacher will assign a universal mantra to the class as a group, and then will proceed to instruct you, step-by-step in how to use it most effectively. The teacher training required to teach at this level is comprehensive, but less in-depth than required to teach Vedic Meditation.

+ How are the support programs different?

Vedic Meditators enjoy a lifetime of free follow support and have access to a global network of expert teachers. You can take the course again for free, as many times as you want, from any teacher you want, anywhere in the world, for life. You can attend group meditations and knowledge meetings free for life. And you have ongoing support to answer your questions and help overcome any obstacles you might have, for free, for life. James also provides his students with an email follow-up course in which you’ll receive one lesson a week for 16 weeks recapping key points and concepts covered on the course.

Graduates of James’s 1 Giant Mind/Flow program can retake the course and attend group meditations for free for one year, and for a small annual membership fee after that. You’ll also receive a multi-week follow up course via email, and be able to get answers to questions about your experience with the practice. There is a growing network of teachers in major cities around the world, and while there is no formal agreement in place, most will gladly offer free support to all who’ve learned the technique.

+ Is one practice better for beginners?

No, both practices can be easily and completely learned by beginners. (Most of the people I've taught Vedic Meditation over the years had pretty much zero prior meditation experience.) The Vedic Meditation course is definitely a more deeply immersive experience, but either course can be taken by complete newbies, or by people who have been meditating in other styles. Many people who complete the 1 Giant Mind/FLOW course decide to deepen their practice by taking a Vedic course, but both are beginner friendly.