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SF - Intro to Vedic Meditation

  • Chemistry Club 451 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94133 United States (map)



Have you been seeing all the scientific research on the benefits of daily meditation? Have you been trying to make it a habit, but found nothing really sticks? Have you been dabbling with apps and guided meditations but feel there's a deeper experience to be had? Or maybe you've given up, convinced your mind is too crazy to meditate?

(Personal note: I tried lots of things and gave up after a year-and-a-half, convinced my mind was "too crazy" to meditate. And now I'm a meditation teacher!)

This workshop will introduce you to the radical practice of allowing yourself to meditate, of allowing your mind to flow with the present, without concentrating or focusing, without having to flip open an app, or put on headphones, or be guided by someone else's voice.

You'll discover where Vedic Meditation comes from, why it's easier to learn and different than Buddhism, Mindfulness and other practices you may have heard of our tried, and you'll learn what make it such a powerful stress-relieving tool.

You’ll also find out why meditators report a huge reduction in insomnia, anxiety, depression, and migraines. They also report not sweating the small stuff quite as much and an increased tendency to be happy for no reason..

We won't be doing any yoga or chanting so you don't need to wear anything special. This is simply a chance for you to learn how this style of meditation affects the brain and body and see if it’s a good fit for you. You'll also get to meet me and see if I'm the kind of teacher you could learn from...because nobody is everybody's teacher. 

Happily yours, James