STRETCH YOUR BODY AND EXPAND YOUR MIND with Vedic Meditation Master James Brown and Yoga teacher Liz Brent.

Did you know the practice of yoga was developed to get the mind ready to meditate? That the two work best when they work together? Newbies and experts alike are invited to join us to learn the practice of “Rounding," in which these two practices are combined to maximum effect. Rounding combines a special sequence of very light yoga asanas that was designed to allow the mind to dive deeply, a Vedic breathing technique and meditation. The result will be to enable a profoundly deep and energizing experience that will expand consciousness and help you release long-held stresses from the nervous system. The practice works to enhance the effectiveness of all forms of silent meditation. If you don’t yet meditate, you will be instructed in a simple, effortless technique to use during the workshop.

Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle and an open mind.

Namaste, James and Liz