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LA - Vedic Meditation Weekend Immersion Course

  • 12487 Greene Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90066 United States (map)

To sign up for this course you must have attended our intro workshop at Bulletproof Labs on Wednesday, or watched this intro video and spoken to James beforehand.

Upon completion of the course you will graduate as a self-sufficient meditator, with the tools and knowledge needed to make it a daily practice, and with a lifetime of free follow-up support. It's awesome.

Read our 5-star Yelp reviews from people who've taken the course.


Session 1Receive your mantra and basic instructions.

(choose one) Friday @ 7-8:30am or 6:30-8pm. (One hour private sessions may also be available on this day, please inquire.)

For this first session you need to bring 2 pieces of sweet, whole fruit (no dried or canned fruit, no lemons, limes, avocados or tomatoes) and a handful or small bunch of flowers. Please wash all fruit and remove any stickers. You can bring any flowers you like, but please remove them from any plastic and strip away any thorns. It’s best to arrive on a fairly empty stomach (but not starving) and not to have any strong caffeine in your system.

Session 2How the mind moves in meditation. The process of settling down.

(choose one) Saturday @ 7 – 8:30am or 2:30-4pm

Session 3How the body responds to meditation. Relaxation and relief of stress.

Saturday @ 4:30-6pm

Session 4Integration of the practice. How to become a daily meditator.

Sunday @ 4-5:30pm


LOCATION – All class sessions will held in a private home located at 12487 Greene Avenue, Los Angeles 90066

If you're a current Vedic or TM meditator you're welcome to join this course on Sessions 2-4 for a free refresh. Advanced techniques are given on Session 1 to existing meditators who've been practicing for a year or more. Please let us know which sessions you wish to attend using the form below.

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Returning students, please let us know which sessions you wish to attend.