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Online Intro to Vedic Meditation

What if there was an easier way
to come to an intro session?

For awhile now I've been hearing how people are so busy they're having a hard time coming to one of my in-person intro sessions. And while I have an intro video that does a good job of explaining the practice, it's not as personal as meeting face-to-face and having your questions answered in real time.

So...I hope you can join this online intro session.

You'll learn what Vedic Meditation is, how it's different from other practices like Mindfulness, Buddhism, Guided Meditation and apps. We'll dive into the neuroscience behind what makes this technique work, and why it's such a great stress reliever. You'll also get to meet me and see if you want to sign up for a coming course. 

You can join the meeting by clicking this link. If you haven’t used Zoom before you can download the software (super easy to do and use) at

Hope to see you soon, James

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