Exploring the Veda with Thom Knoles

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Prepare to have your mind blown.

The Veda is an ancient record of spiritual experience and is the source of yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, meditation and Indian philosophy.  The Veda is knowledge of the true conscious intent of the Universe.  Acquisition of this knowledge allows one to attune their awareness to the ongoing and ever-changing laws of Nature, resulting in the ability to experience life with increased flow, to cognize the right response in any situation and understand exactly what is happening on all levels at any moment.

This knowledge is the most powerful and practical you may ever experience, and will impact your everyday life in ways you can’t imagine.

How the Seminars Work

Group Setting – Exploring the Veda is best taken with a group of fellow seekers in a weekend urban retreat setting, beginning on Friday evening and continuing from mid-morning to early evening on Saturday and Sunday. We share an evening meal on Friday, as well as lunch on Saturday and Sunday; those meals are prepared by James and are included in your course fee. You are responsible for morning and evening meals, and you will also have an extended meditation session on your own in the morning on Saturday and Sunday.

The cost of each Exploring the Veda seminar is $650. Students who have previously taken a module of the course may sit in for a refresh for $100.

Solo-Study – In some situations Exploring the Veda can be taken individually, whether it’s to accommodate those on an accelerated learning path, or for others who want to catch up on earlier installments so they can join the group for a coming course. You will be provided with links to the lectures and a study guide. Multiple check-in calls with James are interspersed throughout so that you have ample opportunity to discuss the material and have all your questions answered.

The cost for each solo-study module is $700.

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