Learn FLOW Meditation Live


FLOW Meditation Live is a simple, powerful mantra meditation technique that’s based on the ancient practice of Vedic Meditation, but offered in a more accessible, affordable format.

FLOW Meditation is easy to learn and remarkably effective even for total newbies. It de-excites the mind and allows the body to settle into a state of rest, triggering what neuroscientists have identified as the Relaxation Response, which is nature’s antidote to stress.

What you will learn:

a simple breathing technique to ease your way into and out of meditation

why using a silent mantra allows for easier and deeper meditations

step-by-step instruction on how to use the mantra

how to meditate without concentrating or focusing

how to let go of trying to control the mind

how to know you’re “doing it right”

how to sit comfortably, not rigidly like a monk

the best times and places to meditate

how to handle noise and other distractions

practical tips and tactics to make meditation a regular habit

The FLOW Meditation Live course is designed so you can learn quickly, and begin incorporating the practice into your daily life so you can enjoy the benefits that come from making meditation a habit:

 less stress and frustration

better sleep without pills

more present for people and situations that really matter

increased mental clarity and creativity

reduced anxiety and negative self talk

enhanced athletic performance

improved overall well-being

a tendency to not stress out so much over small stuff :)



How it works:

Attend the 2-session course.

FLOW Meditation Live courses are offered in-person, or via live video conference. You take a 2-hour session of step-by-step personalized instruction, once a day for 2 consecutive days. You’ll also be doing some homework meditations so you can see how the practice works in your life.

Graduate knowing how to meditate.

At the end of the course you'll have the knowledge and tools you need to meditate successfully and effectively on your own, without needing an app, or headphones, or being guided by someone else’s voice. You can be your own guide. It’s awesome.

Enjoy our program of free follow-up support.


retake the class as often as you want for free for one year; nominal fee after that

attend free group meditations and support sessions either in-person or online

16-weekly follow up lessons via email

private FLOWtribe online support community

ongoing access to your teacher to answer questions and support your practice



Tuesday & Wednesday, November 12-13 – via Live Video Conference
11.12 @ 6-8pm Pacific time
11.13 @ 6-8pm Pacific time

Saturday & Sunday, November 16-17 – via Live Video Conference
11.16 @ 9-11am Pacific time
11.17 @ 12-2pm Pacific time

Tuesday & Wednesday, November 19-20 – in-person in San Francisco
11.19 @ 7-9pm @ 2211 Post Street
11.13 @ 7-9pm 2211 Post Street

The course fee is $297, which includes personal instruction and the follow-up support program. The class size is kept small to to ensure for an intimate and effective learning experience.

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Want to know more?

Watch this intro video, or attend a live intro workshop.


The FLOW Meditation Live course is based on Vedic Meditation, so this intro video will give you a good overview of what the approach is all about, what benefits you can expect, and if I’m the kind of teacher you could learn from. (Because nobody is everybody’s teacher.) If you have any questions about the difference between the two practices please see the FAQ below, or email me.


+ How are Vedic and FLOW Meditation Live practices similar?

Both are eyes-closed practices that use a silent mantra you think effortlessly in the mind. You sit comfortably and allow the mind to settle, without straining or focusing or trying to control your thinking. Both practices trigger the Relaxation Response, which is the body’s antidote to the damaging effects of stress. Both practices are taught live, in a step-by-step format that allows instruction to be tailored to the experience you are having. When you complete either course you will be a self-sufficient meditator, with the knowledge and skills to practice successfully on your own, and with a free follow-up program to support you along the way.

+ How are the two courses different?

Vedic Meditation is an ancient practice with deep historical and cultural ties which tightly constrain how it can be taught. The course is longer, typically taught over three or four consecutive days, and begins with students witnessing a non-religious initiation ceremony (it's quite beautiful...but perhaps a bit woo-woo for some) before receiving a personal mantra. FLOW Meditation does not have those constraints so it can be taught live, either in-person on online, or via a prerecorded video course called FLOW Meditation Online. The live FLOW course is taught over two 2-hour sessions, with students receiving a universally resonant mantra. Vedic Meditation is offered on a sliding scale, with course fees ranging from $600 - $1200. The FLOW Meditation Live course costs considerably less.

+ What is the follow-up support program for FLOW?

Graduates of the FLOW Meditation Live course can retake the course and attend our live/online group meditations for free for one year, and for a small annual membership fee after that. You’ll also receive a multi-week follow up course via email, and be able to get answers to questions about your experience with the practice.

+ Is one practice better for beginners?

No, both practices can be easily and completely learned by beginners. (Most of the people I've taught Vedic Meditation over the years had pretty much zero prior meditation experience.) The Vedic Meditation course is definitely a more deeply immersive experience, but either course can be taken by complete newbies, or by people who have been meditating in other styles. Many people who complete the FLOW course choose to deepen their practice by taking a Vedic course, but both are beginner friendly.