Vedic Meditation is a simple, effortless mental technique practiced sitting comfortably with eyes closed. There is no concentrating or focusing required. You don’t have to try to control or clear your mind, nor do you have to think nice thoughts rather than stupid, ugly thoughts. You don’t have to try and follow along to a guided meditation. You can be your own guide. And absolutely anyone can learn the technique in just four short sessions. So, why would anyone want to learn? Because Vedic Meditation does two things really well. First, it helps you achieve a profoundly deep state of restfulness, demonstrated to be 3 to 5 times deeper than sleep. This deep rest gained on a daily basis rejuvenates and restores your entire system and allows you to release years of accumulated stress. And when you’re less stressed you sleep better, perform better and enjoy life more.

Second, at the same time as the body is enjoying this deep state of rest, the mind effortlessly settles down to quieter and quieter states of awareness until you transcend the field of thought completely to have a direct experience of your most essential self, of the “you” that lies beyond all your thoughts and stress and struggles. It feels great. You emerge rested and energized and, at the same time, grounded. And that’s only the beginning. The best way to get started is to come to a free intro class, or watch the intro video below. You’ll find a list of upcoming events including courses and open group meditations under the video, and there are more details and RSVP links at the EVENTS page.

Peace and blessings, James Brown

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 SF – Vedic Meditation Course

 – March 29-April 1 details

 SF – The Vedic View on Drugs – Group Meditation/Dharma Talk 

 – March. 28 @ 7pm details & RSVP

SF – Intro to Vedic Meditation

 – April 9 @ 7pm details and RSVP

SF – Vedic Meditation Course

 – April 10-13 details



Doug, Creative Director

“As a poster child for ADD, I’ve spent too much of my adult life thinking about what comes next and consequently missing out on the moment I’m actually in. Two twenty-minute (very relaxing, easy-to-schedule) sessions a day is a great way to cut out the noise and clear my mind. As a result, I’m getting better at recognizing – and appreciating – the important stuff again. I hope that doesn’t sound touchy-feely. I’m not looking to become more spiritual. I don’t want a simpler life. In fact, I’m perfectly happy living in the material world. I just want a stronger, more direct connection with it. Vedic Meditation is helping me get there. Thanks, James.”

Patty, Brand Strategist

“I started meditating in September and am amazed at the difference it has made. I’m going through a period of major transition in my life with a lot of unknowns. The perfect recipe for stress. Since I started meditating I’ve found I’m much more relaxed and have more clarity about what’s important. I tend to be impatient with change and I’m feeling much more comfortable with the uncertainty the future holds. I feel I’m shedding some unwanted baggage which is helping me address things I’ve been avoiding and handle life’s daily ups and downs more calmly. It’s working exactly like James explained. And he keeps it so simple and easy, it just flows, and feels right.  I really enjoy James as a teacher and am grateful to have this practice in my life.”


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Vedic Meditation is considered to be the “householder” practice, and it’s a very different practice from what most people think of as meditation. You don’t have to sit in awkward, uncomfortable positions. No focusing or concentrating or “trying” to clear your mind. Because it’s not a monastic practice. Meaning it wasn’t developed for and by people who were meant to live in a way that was detached from the bustle of everyday life. No, Vedic Meditation was developed, a couple thousand years before Buddhism, for people who are fully engaged in the world. People with jobs and mortgages and relationships and stuff…and maybe even a few kids running around. People like you. (And me, as it turns out.)  And it’s a technique that you can learn in four short sessions and then use to  achieve the same sense of inner calm and equanimity as a monk…without having to chuck it all away and run off to a mountaintop somewhere. It worked for me. For my wife. And for millions of others. And it can work for you.

Take the first step

“The way James talks about meditation makes it seem not only accessible but, for someone as busy as me, very doable. He really goes into the science of stress – what it is and how it effects everything from our bodies and minds to the way we handle pressure – and I found it all fascinating.” Marcus, San Francisco

The intro talk takes about an hour and is free of charge or obligation. It’s really a chance for you to learn something about the way your mind and body work together, and how a simple, ancient practice of eyes-closed meditation can have a profound impact on your life. We won’t be doing any meditation or yoga, so you don’t have to wear any special clothes. Just come as you are and enjoy. I promise you’ll find it interesting.