James is a great teacher, a skillful communicator, and a voice of wisdom. His instruction is simple and clear, and after going through his four-session class I felt entirely able to continue the meditation journey on my own. I particularly liked the fact that his approach is jargon-free and unencumbered with religious belief or dogma: it’s just meditation, pure and simple. It’s been a great addition to my life. Thanks, James!
— Kirk Citron: Writer and Curator, thelongnow.org

I think what I like best about this practice is that it gives me time to myself. So much of my time is taken up being a professional, a mother, a wife, a daughter – and I get very little time to myself. The meditation has provided a much needed space for me. I feel a bit guilty, but ultimately I’m working to be a better person and they will get the benefit of that ;-)
— Jennifer Helm: Commercial Producer

As a poster child for ADD, I’ve spent too much of my adult life thinking about what comes next and consequently missing out on the moment I’m actually in. Two twenty-minute (very relaxing, easy-to-schedule) sessions a day is a great way to cut out the noise and clear my mind. As a result, I’m getting better at recognizing – and appreciating – the important stuff again. I hope that doesn’t sound touchy-feely. I’m not looking to become more spiritual. I don’t want a simpler life. In fact, I’m perfectly happy living in the material world. I just want a stronger, more direct connection with it. Vedic Meditation is helping me get there. Thanks
— Doug Patterson: Creative Director

I started meditating in September and am amazed at the difference it has made. I’m going through a period of major transition in my life with a lot of unknowns. The perfect recipe for stress. Since I started meditating I’ve found I’m much more relaxed and have more clarity about what’s important. I tend to be impatient with change and I’m feeling much more comfortable with the uncertainty the future holds. I feel I’m shedding some unwanted baggage which is helping me address things I’ve been avoiding and handle life’s daily ups and downs more calmly. It’s working exactly like James explained. And he keeps it so simple and easy, it just flows, and feels right. I really enjoy James as a teacher and am grateful to have this practice in my life.
— Patty Radford-Henderson: Brand Strategist

Hey James. I’ve been meaning to write this for a few days. I’m enjoying my meditation so much. The other night I had an argument and I was really angry. I came home and sat down to meditate and it was like sinking my brain into a warm bath. Concentrating on my mantra instead of all the crazy thoughts I had in my head felt so good.
— Blake Kelly: Writer

Hey James. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t missed a meditation yet. Also, I seem to be needing less sleep at night. I thought it would be a problem to get up earlier to meditate before going to the gym, but it’s exactly the opposite. This morning I was ready to meditate at 6, which is 45 minutes earlier than I usually wake up. Awesome!
— Dan Mackaman: Copywriter

I still get mad at my husband sometimes, but since I learned to mediate I just don’t stay mad.
— Yvette Brown: Artist, Mom and Less-Angry Wife