So, what exactly is Vedic Meditation?
Let’s start by describing what it’s not:

  • Chanting

  • Listening to waves

  • Sitting super still for long periods of time in uncomfortable positions

  • Vegetarianism

  • Throwing away all your things

  • Abstinence from the pleasures of the world

  • A religion

  • A big time commitment

  • Serious

  • Difficult

  • For monks

So how do I meditate in the Vedic way?

To practice this type of meditation, you sit comfortably in a chair with your back supported and your eyes closed. You allow your mind to settle down to increasingly quieter levels of consciousness by a mantra that is repeated silently in the mind. There is no chanting, focusing, concentrating or contemplating involved – and you don’t have to control the mind in any way. The technique feels natural, simple and effortless because you never have to ‘try’ to meditate. You never feel that you have to try to push thoughts away or concentrate on images. You won’t be reliant upon CDs, DVDs, or headphones in order to experience the deepest states of your awareness. You also won’t be asked to “think about this and now visualize that” to manufacture a good mood.  The time will often fly by, and over time you’ll learn to meditate almost anywhere, no matter how noisy or busy or bright it is.

What if my mind is too crazy to meditate?
Or what if I can’t sit still?

If you feel like your mind is always active, or that your body is too fidgety to sit still, you are actually a perfect candidate for this technique because you don’t have to ‘try’ to stop thinking, try to sit still, or ‘try’ to do anything for that matter. ‘Trying’ to meditate is actually what excites the mind and leads to more thinking. Vedic Meditation effortlessly settles the mind and body in the most natural and immediate way.

What is the Vedic Meditation course like?

The technique of Vedic Meditation is taught live and in-person in a gradual, step-wise format over three or four consecutive days. In addition to attending the daily sessions students are also assigned practice meditations at home. This ensures that everyone will gain enough understanding and experience with both the technique and the underlying principles to become self-sufficient by the end of the course.  Here’s how the sessions are  structured on a typical 4-session course:

  • Session 1: (90 minutes) Witness the initiation ceremony to receive your personalized mantra and learn the basic technique.

  • Session 2: (90 minutes) How the mind moves in meditation. The practice of effortlessly allowing the mind to settle.

  • Session 3: (90 minutes) How the body responds to meditation. Relax, recharge and the release of stress.

  • Session 4: (90 minutes) Integration & follow-up support. How to become a daily meditator and enjoy all the benefits.

What is the FLOW Meditation Course like?

FLOW Meditation is an online program that teaches meditation using a mantra, breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques. There are 12 video lessons, plus 35 short support videos in an Experience Library that will help answer questions and validate the experiences you’re having on the course. It’s a program I developed to make this approach to meditation more widely accessible, both to people who live far from any qualified Vedic teacher, as well as to those who find that they simply can’t make the live course fit with their schedule. Full details for the FLOW program can be found at our separate FLOW Meditation website

Do both Vedic and FLOW offer support after the course?

Yes indeed.

Upon completion of either course you will graduate as a self-sufficient meditator, with the skills and knowledge you need to begin a daily practice on your own. But that doesn’t mean that you’re abandoned. Graduates of Vedic Meditation courses enjoy a lifetime of free follow-up support, including the ability to resit the class for free whenever they want, from me and a network of qualified teachers around the world. There’s also email support, ongoing education, group meditations…all free.

Graduates of the FLOW program have access to the training and membership in our private support community for a year (and that can be extended for a small fee). As part of that community you’ll enjoy support via email, ongoing education and live streaming coaching calls and other online events.

How much will it cost me to learn?

Vedic Meditation courses are offered on a sliding scale based on where you’re at in life. The course fees range from $600 for full-time students, $900 for most working professionals, and $1200 for more-senior professionals and those more well-off. Couples learning together enjoy a nice discount and you also have the option to offset a portion of your course fee by performing work for a certified charitable organization. For more information about courses fees, please inquire.

The FLOW Meditation online program is $250.

Now, you might be asking…why would anyone pay $600 - $1200 to take a live course when they could learn a similar practice online for so much less? It’s a good question and the only answer I can give is that it’s worth it. The FLOW program is great…I put a lot into it. But there’s simply nothing like learning in person. I wish everyone could learn in person from me or one of my colleagues. But over the last several years I’ve realized that there are so many people who are struggling to make meditation stick, people who know they could benefit from learning this simple, easy and accessible approach…but just can’t make it to a live course. And so now it’s easy to go with the FLOW.

Private Courses & Small Group Courses

There's nothing better than the intimate experience of learning with your close friends and family. Or perhaps you would prefer a course designed around your schedule and locations. Either way we can design a private course to suit your needs. Fees for private courses are based on the number of people, locations and other factors. To inquire please email us.

Corporate/Executive Programs

Getting a bunch of people in the same organization to meditate has been demonstrated to produce remarkable results, including less distractions from in-fighting and other corrosive forces. So whether you’re interested in a program for top management, or for your entire staff, we can design a program that suits your needs. We offer single-session workshops and multi-session courses. To inquire please email us.